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Articles and Handouts:

   Articles from the Atlanta Ham (Official Newsletter of the Atlanta Radio Club)::

Reflectors (March 2010)

The Other ARC Repeater System (February 2010)

D-STAR and The New Decade (Janurary 2010)

D-STAR Registration (November 2009)

D-STAR or ... (October 2009)

D-STAR, D-STAR (September 2009)

Conversational D-STAR (August 2009)

What's the Big Deal About D-STAR Anyway (July 2009)

(GA) D-STAR Takes Center Stage in Dayton (June 2009)

D-STAR in Atlanta (May 2009)

    D-Star First Steps - So I just got a D-Star Radio, What do I do now?


    December 9, 2007 - ARC Technical Session

    January 3, 2008 - ARC Repeater Presentation Handout  

    April 1, 2010 - ARC Internet Presentation - A Whirlwind Tour of the U.S. in 100 Milliseconds            




D-Star Information Site: http://www.dstarinfo.com

D-Star Users: http://dstarusers.org

Atlanta Radio Club: http://www.w4doc.org/arc/

Metro Atlanta Radio Nets: http://www.w4doc.org/arc/nets.html

Metro Atlanta Repeaters: http://www.w4doc.org/arc/replist.htm

Southeastern Linked Repeater Net: http://stoddard.homeip.net/SLRN/

Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page: http://www.repeater-builder.com/rbtip/

Echolink: http://www.echolink.org/

IRLP: http://www.irlp.net

IBM Atlanta Radio Club Links Page: http://w4gbu.home.mindspring.com/links.htm

Frequency and locations: http://www.artscipub.com/repeaters/

Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA): http://www.sera.org

Link Communications, Inc.: http://www.link-comm.com/

Daniels Electronics Ltd.: http://www.danelec.com/

FCC License Database: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=home

D-Star Users - Realtime D-Star Activity: http://www.dstarusers.org

ARRL Alabama Linked Repeater System (D-Star): http://www.arrl-al.org/Alabama_link.htm




Atlanta Ham Clubs


Alford Memorial Radio Club (Stone Mountain)

146.760- PL 107.2 on Stone Mountain

145.450- PL 107.2 - Exchange Park, Decatur, GA

444.250+ PL 131.8 - Exchange Park, Decatur, GA

224.760 - PL 100.0 - Exchange Park, Decatur, GA

Atlanta IBM Radio Club 145.29- PL 88.5
Atlanta Radio Club

146.820- Bank of America Building in Atlanta, IRLP Node 4550,

  Skywarn Net, can link to 224.340 and 444.825

  Remote Reciever on Sweat Mountan

224.340- Bank of America Building in Atlanta, IRLP Node 5070

  links to 146.82 and 444.825

444.825+ Bank of America Building in Atlanta

  links to 146.82 and 224.34

146.2 PL on all repeaters,

146.82, 224.34 & 444.825 on a Link Comm. RLC-3 controller.

Big Shanty Repeater Group

146.665- Links on 10, 6, 2, 220 & 440   on Sweat Mountain

  Recievers: Austell, Marietta, Woodstock,

  Downtown Atlanta, Conyers and Gwinnett

147.345+ on Sweat Mountain

146.755- on Blackjack Mountain (Marietta) IRLP Node 4500

147.165+ Blue Ridge GA at 3200ft IRLP Node 7320

224.12- on Sweat Mountain - always linked to 147.345

224.44- on Sweat Mountain - always linked to 146.665

443.800+ on Blackjack Mountain - can link to 146.755 IRLP

443.050+ on Sweat Mountain

151.4 PL on all repeaters

Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club 145.15- PL 167.9 - Pacific Research RLC3 controller
Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society

147.075+ Lawrenceville; Recievers: Bogan Rd, Goshen Springs Rd,

  Lanier Mountain

444.525+ Lanier Mountain

53.110- Lawrenceville

82.5 PL on 147.075 and 444.525

Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club

North Fulton Amateur Radio League

145.47- Sweat Mountain

147.06+ Roswell Water Tower

444.475+ Sweat Mountain PL 100.0